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Syntopian Studios Equipment List  
Syntopian Studios is the V-Sound Productions Audio Production Facility located in Tucson, Arizona. This is a partial equipment list. Subject to change without notice. For more details, contact us at (919) 367-7217 or via e-mail at: syntopianstudios@vsoundproductions.com.

Main Production Computers:

Toshiba Satellite L775-S7111 Laptop

Intel i3-2350M 2.3GHZ Dual Core CPU
GB PC1066 DDR3 1333MHZ System RAM
500GB SATA Hard Drive
USB, HDMI, VGA, Network ports
8X DVD-RW Drive
17.3" LCD Monitor
MaxxLE Audio

Native Instruments Audio8DJ 8-Channel 24-bit Digital Audio Interface

Sonic Series Systems X432 Workstation

Intel Pentium 4, 3.2GHZ CPU
Asus P4P800-E Deluxe Motherboard
GB PC3200 DDR400 System RAM
Hitachi 250GB SATA-II 7200rpm Hard Drives in RAID-0 Configuration
Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus 1TB External Hard Drive
Fantom G-Force 3TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive
Lite-On SOHD-16D9S 16X DVD-ROM Drive
Lite-On SOHW-1693S 16X Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Drive
ATI Radeon 9550 256MB AGP Video Card w/ S-Video, VGA & DVI outputs
M-Audio Delta 1010LT 24-Bit Digital Sound Card  (10 inputs, 10 outputs, SPDIF)
Pinnacle Systems DC10+ Video Capture Card
8-in-1 Media Card Reader/Writer Combo Drive
Iomega Zip100 100MB External SCSI Zip Drive
Toshiba 12x External SCSI CD-ROM Drive
10 USB ports, 2 IEEE1394 Firewire ports, 10/100 Network port
, Onboard 24-bit, 8-channel Digital Sound Card w/ SPDIF & RAID IDE & Serial ATA Controllers
Skyhawk IPC-4032 Heavy Duty Steel 4U Rack Mount Case w/ 650W ATX Power Supply
(2)  Hannspree HF205 20" LCD Monitors


Main DJ/Mobile Production Computer:

Toshiba Satellite L675-S7108 Laptop

tel i3-380M 2.53GHZ Dual Core CPU
GB PC1066 DDR3 1333MHZ System RAM
500GB SATA Hard Drive
Fantom G-Force 2TB External USB/E-SATA Hard Drive
Fantom G-Force 2TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive
Fantom G-Force 3TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive
USB, E-SATA, HDMI, VGA, Network ports
8X DVD-RW Drive
17.3" LCD Monitor
Dolby 7.1 Audio
Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro
American Audio VMS4.1 Traktor Edition 2 MIDI Controller

Computer Software:

Syntopian Studios has a wide variety of professional computer software applications for composition, mastering and editing.

We have numerous DX & VST instruments, plug-ins and sample libraries. In total, Syntopian Studios also has over 400,000 licensed sounds* in all musical genres available for use in your production. Unique, customizable samples and instruments also available.

We add and update our software on a regular basis.
Contact us at (919) 367-7217 or e-mail us at: syntopianstudios@vsoundproductions.com for details.

* Licensing fees and production credit may apply.


Mixing/Mastering Gear:

Mackie LM-3204 16-Channel Stereo Line Mixer
Numark C2 Stereo Preamp/Mixer
Numark DM1200
Stereo Preamp/Mixer
Gemini PMX-1400 Stereo Preamp/Mixer
Tascam DA-20mkII DAT Recorder
Tascam 302 Dual Cassette Recorder

Numark CDN-22MK3 Dual CD Player

(2)  Event 20/20bas Studio Monitors
Audio Technica ATH-M40fs Studio Headphones
(4)  Behringer HPM1000 Studio Headphones

Effects Gear:

Behringer Composer Pro-XL MDX2600
Alesis 3630 Compressor/Limiter/Gate
Digitech Studio Quad V2 Multi-Effects
Ebtech LLS-8 Line Level Shifter



MIDI & Instrument Gear:

Roland JP-8080 Analog Synthesizer
E-MU ESI-2000 Digital Sampler
Roland TR-505 Rhythm Composer
Boss DR-5 Rhythm Composer/Sequencer
Yamaha PSS-480 Digital Synthesizer
Alesis MMT-8 8 Track MIDI Recorder
MOTU MIDI TimePiece AV 8x8 MIDI Patch Bay
JL Cooper Nexus 3x8 MIDI Patch Bay

Video Gear:

Aiptek MDV+ Digital Video Camera

Focus CommandPost Multimedia Controller


(1)  Marshall MXL990 Condenser

(2)  Shure Beta Green 2.0
(2)  Samson S11