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V-Sound Productions accepts most major credit & debit cards including VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express etc. for our products and services. Use your credit or debit card, electronic check or your bank account as a payment option. Ask about our flexible payment options.





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Business, Contacts & Policy Information

V-Sound Productions
V-Sound Productions provides professional audio and entertainment products and services for the film, TV, radio and record industries with an emphasis on electronic music production. Our recording facility, Syntopian Studios is a full service digital recording studio. We also offer professional Disc Jockey (DJ) Entertainment services for ALL occasions at reasonable rates. Professional career assistance to musicians, bands, singers, rappers and other types of artists is also available. We also offer professional computer services such as web hosting, logo and graphic design. Our internet Party Store and Wedding Superstore carry a wide variety of high quality products. V-Sound Productions Owner/DJ, Joe Vaccaro possesses 30+ years experience in the music industry. Joe Vaccaro has served as a Mobile, Radio & Club DJ, Producer, Remixer, Musician, Composer, Recording Engineer, Special Event Coordinator and Artist Consultant.

Contact Information

Business Address:
V-Sound Productions
P.O. Box 18695
Tucson, AZ 85731

Web Sites:
V-Sound Productions:  www.vsoundproductions.com
Sonic Series Systems:  www.sonicseriessystems.com
Party Store: vsoundproductions.makesparties.com

(919) 367-7217

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Privacy Policy & Code Of Ethics
At V-Sound Productions, we value and respect our clients. These policies have been standard business practice for V-Sound Productions for many years but we have decided to post them for the benefit of our clients and the general public.

1.  We DON'T sell, lend or share client data with third parties.
2.  We DON'T allow any persons other than V-Sound Productions staff and/or representatives to attend private events for which we provide products and services.
3.  We DON'T allow third parties to contact V-Sound Productions' clients.
4.  We DON'T contract or sell products and services for third parties during private events.
5.  We DON'T keep client credit/debit card and/or other client financial data on file once final delivery of products and/or services have been completed.
6.  We DON'T allow our staff to smoke, consume alcohol or use illegal drugs or engage in any inappropriate and/or illegal behavior during the performance or delivery of products and services.

At V-Sound Productions, we understand that some people may want to contact our clients for business references or "see us in action". However, we feel that contacting our clients and/or visiting private events held by other clients is unprofessional, unnecessary and a nuisance to our clients. V-Sound Productions provides direct comments by some of our MANY satisfied clients on the Client Testimonials page of our web site located at www.vsoundproductions.com. ALL of these client testimonials (and others in our files) are written directly by our clients and we can provide the written documentation to support these statements.

A primary reason for adopting this policy is that V-Sound Productions has seen and heard of numerous instances of third party companies who do allow these practices. It has resulted in some of those companies receiving complaints, legal action and other problems. While V-Sound Productions performs products and services for you, we devote our FULL attention to making sure that we provide YOU our client with the finest products and services possible.

V-Sound Productions thanks you for your understanding in this matter. For questions about the V-Sound Productions Privacy Policy & Code Of Ethics, contact our Sales & Service Department at (919) 367-7217 or via e-mail at: sales@vsoundproductions.com.