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"Meet The DJ" -- Joe "V-Sound" Vaccaro

Owner/DJ, Joe "V-Sound" Vaccaro has 30+ years experience in the music industry. Starting his career in the music industry in 1985 at the age of 12, Joe started remixing and performing at small birthday and house parties. His business grew into doing all types of events offering a wide range of DJ products and services. From this came Powerhouse Productions, a mobile entertainment company he started when he was 17. Joe performed disc jockey services through Powerhouse Productions as well as other companies. In 1990, he landed a job as an intern doing public relations and advertising work for Mix 94.9 and Power 1490 Radio in Tucson, Arizona. During his nearly two years there, Joe worked as a radio DJ at Power 1490 with his own Saturday morning radio show. He also worked as a production assistant producing commercials in addition to his public relations duties.

In 1995, Joe began focusing more of his efforts on composing and producing his own music. In 1997, he closed Powerhouse Productions to form the independent record label and DJ entertainment company, V-Sound Productions. From this stemmed the recording facility, Syntopian Studios and the musical entity, Dream Factory. He continued to work as a mobile DJ during this time.

Inspired by the British "New Wave" synth pop movement of the 80's and the ethereal "New Age" sounds of the 90’s, Joe started the music group Dream Factory. It was formed in January 1997 as a vehicle to express Joe's musical creativity. Dream Factory consists of Joe Vaccaro and numerous pieces of electronic gear. See the Syntopian Studios Equipment List page for details.

In 1998, Dream Factory released the debut CD release, "Beyond Reflection". The songs on "Beyond Reflection" are an exquisite blend of techno, new age and pop dance influences. The CD contained 14 tracks including two bonus remixes all written and recorded between May 1997 and May 1998. All tracks were produced, mixed and composed by Joe Vaccaro for his record label, V-Sound Productions. "Beyond Reflection" was recorded and mastered at Syntopian Studios (formerly Joey’s Jam Central), Joe Vaccaro’s state-of-the-art recording facility in Tucson, Arizona. The cover artwork for "Beyond Reflection" was done by renown 3D web artist, Michael J. Bonnell. Bonnell’s cover piece entitled "Simplicity" eloquently conveys Dream Factory’s simple, memorable melodies and lush, masterful music arrangements.
Following the success of the debut CD release “Beyond Reflection”, Dream Factory released the follow up CD entitled “Electric Dreams” in 1999. Both CD's went on to critical success. Music critic for the Arizona Daily Star, Gene Armstrong said this of Dream Factory, "It's music for mind-dreams. Let the movement take place in your imagination". Bev Stanton, award winning Musician/DJ/Producer from Arthur Loves Plastic and CEO of MachineHeart Records said "The brilliant soundscapes on ‘Beyond Reflection’ are reminiscent of synth pop's glory days. But Dream Factory avoids sounding slavishly retro -- complex arrangements, sophisticated production as well as the tasteful use of house, breakbeat and jungle influences lend Vaccaro’s compositions a unique futuristic sensibility. Dream Factory’s music is simultaneously poignant and ethereal while not sounding cold or calculated. This CD will remain in my CD rack long after the ‘drum and bass’ CD’s are hauled off to the used CD shop".

In 2008, Joe began his work as a remixer and music programmer for Select Mix. Select Mix is one of the oldest and most respected remix services that provides music to DJ's, Clubs & Radio Stations around the world. Joe is the producer and music programmer on their best-selling 80's music series, "The Edge", the "Freestyle Tracks" series as well as on their best-selling current Top 40 hits "Select Essentials" series. Many of Joe's remixes are used by mobile, radio and club DJ's around the world.  He currently releases remixes through Select Mix and The Source For Music. Click here for a list of current remixes by Joe "V-Sound" Vaccaro.

In 2013, Joe started his own remix service, V-Sound Remix. This new remix service includes exclusive remixes and quick edits created by Joe "V-Sound" Vaccaro. The various series include: "V-Sound Remixes" (current remixes), "Retro Series" (remixes from the 70's, 80's etc.) and the "Essential Party Dances" (remixes of favorite famous party dances such as the "Electric Slide", "Cha Cha Slide", "Cupid Shuffle" and many others). They are available exclusively through The Source For Music.

Joe has created remixes for dozens of major artists including: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Pitbull, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Jay-Z and many others.

Since 1985, Joe has worked as a Mobile, Radio & Club DJ, Producer, Remixer, Musician, Composer, Sound Engineer, Special Event Coordinator and Artist Consultant. As the music artist, Dream Factory, Joe released two CD's that went on to achieve internet chart success and critical praise from the music industry. As the former owner of Sonic Series Systems, Joe built custom computer servers designed specifically for DJ and audio/video production uses. He has also done computer technical support for Microsoft and Intuit.

Joe's vast professional experience and talent at hundreds of events make V-Sound Productions uniquely qualified to make your event a SUCCESS! This unique combination of knowledge, talent and experience gives V-Sound Productions the ability to know what songs to play, when to play them and how to mix them together to keep your dancefloor going! You’ll even hear special “shout outs” from your favorite artists!